Thought For Food

(I logged into WordPress today for the first time in quite awhile, shocked to see that it has been almost two years since I posted an entry.  Then I see that there are a dozen drafts of things I wrote but never posted.   Then this poem came to be in a stream of consciousness sort of way.  Perhaps it can explain what I’ve been reluctant to …)

Thought For Food


I have a thousand things to say,

but fear always gets in the way.

I am afraid of my own thought,

in a web of reluctance, caught.

Frightened of thoughts that may be true,

stuck, uncertain of what to do.


Will my words be misunderstood?

Will they be starved or used for food?

Will they reveal a hypocrite?

Or reveal me as the culprit

Of lies, deceit, suffering, pain –

The source of Eternal disdain?


I am no spiritual guide –

From my shortcomings I still hide.

What truth can be gleaned from these rhymes,

Or comfort gained for harder times?

I have nothing of which to boast,

Yet I’m moved by the Holy Ghost.


To witness His Love and His Grace,

And for the world, to be Christ’s Face.

Empty minutes ask this of me,

to be the Joy the world longs to see.

But I deny it, shove it down.

And turn God’s peace into a frown.


How dare I claim God’s happiness?

Who am I to be His witness?

With each word, I’m forced to confront

my self-image, itself a front,

for a self too weak too afraid

to be the Light that God has made.


And so instead I give witness

To fear and shame and littleness

To prove that I am not what God made,

Too removed from what can be saved.

And so it is revealed, this lie –

Surely life’s purpose is to die.








Dear Father, please enter into my mind,
and stop the bleeding of my injured thoughts.
For my mind is broken and lost again,
the fragments of my thoughts are pouring forth.
They give no pause and empty out my soul.
How can a dismembered mind such as mine
possibly understand the Thought of God?
How can mind so rent and riven believe
that its thoughts have any reality?

Heavenly Father, You are the One Mind
and Christ, your Son, reflects your perfect Light.
May Christ be reborn today in my mind,
and find a peaceful rest within my heart.
Let the miracles of His thoughts repair
the shards and shreds of beliefs that I hold.
Let my will be undone and His fulfilled.
Please heal these ruptured thoughts one final time.
Lift my mind back into the Mind of God.

Grant me the peaceful Heaven of Your Thought.
My private thoughts are those that would harm me
because I keep them hidden from Your sight.
So now let me accept Your loving Grace
and give up separate thoughts forever.
I only desire One Mind and One Thought,
for in our union is all healing found.
I hold out my hand, please take it, I’m lost.
All roads leading Home seem broken, upheaved.

Lead me back to the Kingdom of Heaven
where the Thought of Peace rules eternally.
I can find no comfort in brokenness,
for my thoughts inflict pain upon myself.
What else could holding split thoughts ever do?
Beliefs with such sharp and jagged edges
are accidents just waiting to happen.
Today I give up all my broken thoughts.
Heavenly Father, make them whole again.

An Adventure Into the Absurd

Looking for Meaning in the Absurd

A recurring idea for everyone on the path to enlightenment is the realization that we do not want the world.  You, dear reader, have undoubtedly had this thought in one form or another because it is part and parcel of the human experience. You long to be liberated. Enlightenment is the release from the world, from our ideas about ourselves and our place within it.   It is the realignment of our minds to Truth, Reality and all meaning.

The semblance of devotion we have to the things of this world quickly turns to attack and separation, to apathy and animosity.  The things we seek to place some value within will eventually cause us pain and, ultimately, despair if we cling to them.   We become bound to the things we place value within and lose our Self in the process.  Yet there is a time coming when we will leave the world and everything within it behind forever.  This is because we do not truly value anything this world contains.

The world is not valuable because it witnesses to the weakness we believe lies within us.  It is an outward projection of an internal condition.  It attests to the “realities” of uncertainty, fear and annihilation which stem from the belief in separation.  The world is an attack upon God and our Self in Him.  Upon the death of God’s Son in our minds, the world was founded.  Out of chaos it arose, divided from the darkness to create the mind’s prison.

The world is an attempt to wrest authority of life from the Creator of Life, to make another existence, another world into which God could not enter, where the Son is bound by flesh and divided by time and space.  It is an exercise in madness, but is self-contained to nothingness.  It has no effect on God’s Creation.  The mind is still free, though it believes it is imprisoned.

The world is worthless, yet it serves a purpose to imprison the mind and keep it separate from its Source.  Even so, this purpose, for which we made the world, can be given over to the Holy Spirit to be redefined.  To Him, the only purpose of the world is for us to realize that we do not want the world.  This He will teach you, but first let Him show you what you truly value.  This experience alone will show you how much you do not want the world.

The world does not exist in reality.  It is madness, a fearful thought projected from the mind, explored in all of its insanity throughout time.  This projection is a dream of life, which is why enlightenment has long been viewed as “waking up”.  Yet this dream is fearful, a tragic parody.  Happiness is a guest here, but it is not invited to stay.  Our dream is a nightmare turned against us, one we do not trust.

We find ourselves in the midst of this projection, believing our existence to be defined by the contents of the dream itself.  How could we treasure that which we do not trust?  How could we value what is but a delusion and disappears at the light of day?  What inherent worth can there be in what does not last?

Finding Value in Truth

Those on the path of enlightenment will awaken to the Light for It calls to them from the eternally Real within them.  The Real is the only Truth and It wavers not forever.  This is where our value lies and where it must only always beThis is the place where God placed all meaning and where He resides – in the very heart of our being.  This is why we can never truly want the world and why it and all things it contains will pass away.  The world is the place outside of us where we look in futility for what already exists within us.  The motto of the world is thus:  seek and do not find.

The things we love and value in this world are shadows of the Love and Value that creates and sustains us, which we have denied within our minds.  We look to the world for things to love because we do not see love within us.  Brothers and sisters!  Love would bring us back Home instantly if we saw It truly within us!  The world would simply vanish into the nothingness it is because its purpose would be undone!

That we find ourselves in the world shows us that there are still illusions held in the place of Truth.  We still seek to find value in the valueless.  Do we hope to yet still find happiness in our relationships, our possessions, fame and fortune?  What of these will we take with us when we go?

Would we recognize in our own hatred and our grievances against one another that which we value?  Is it not madness to value attack and fear?  Would we remain prisoner within imagined and unseen cages?  We are held hostage by our valuing that which can never make us happy.   Would we pursue such whims one moment longer?

The things that we love in this world – the things that make our hearts flutter and leap with joy – they will each, in turn, cause us pain, fill our minds with despair, and empty our hearts.  This is because the world is empty and this is a painful thought to behold indeed.  There is no happiness here, no joy, no love.  It is a vacuum for Reality and we will always feel a void while we look upon the world as valuable.  Love, joy and happiness come from within us!

The relationships we nurture and devote ourselves to in this world will turn to attack and heartache.  Those we love will hurt us, misunderstand us, distance themselves from us, even entirely cut us apart from themselves.  And death is the final certain blow that will rip us away from even the semblance of love.

A Hand to Hold Upon the Path

The world and the thoughts that concern it are meaningless.  The only meaning they contain are what we have given them.  These idols will be laid aside.  God, our Creator and Source, did not create them.  He alone is the Source of meaning, the Author of Reality, and He alone creates what is True and valuable!  Because He did not create the world, we do not want it.  It has no value.

The only “thing” worthy of God’s Son is Heaven, the whole of Creation, given Him by His Father forever, infinitely.  Perfection is the only “thing” worthy of God’s Son.  And it shines purely within Him where it always has been, where meaning has always rested, and where each of us must eventually find our Rest forever.

This Source of Peace goes with us now and calls to us to experience it.  The world, being an illusion devoid of meaning and value, cannot keep us from our Peace if we do not choose to hold it up before Truth.  There is One Who goes with us, appointed by God to be our Comforter.  He longs for us to lean on Him, that He may lift us up and back to our Father.  He walks hand in hand with us.

On the path to enlightenment, He works within our minds to undo our dreams of despair.  He helps us see that we do not want the world.  He helps loose us from the chains that bind us to the world, all of the thoughts we have against it, ourselves and the people within it.  All of our perceptions are valueless, but as long as we seek value in them, we will not find it.

As we seek for value in the valueless, we will find pain, misery and despair.  This was the purpose the world was given.  It is witness to the contents of our mind – in this case, the choice for meaninglessness.  Let us hand over this purpose to the One Who was appointed to restore Holiness to our minds.  In His Sight, the only purpose the world holds is that we do not linger any longer in letting it go.

And let it go we will.  God wills we return to Him and His Will alone is done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Amen.

The Parable of the Stone Splitter

A ragged-looking man sat on the roadside next to a large pile of stones.  He pounded and pounded and pounded away, splitting one stone with a hammer and chisel.  Picking up both pieces, he looked inside each; then, shaking his head, tossed them over his shoulder.  Grabbing another stone, he repeated the process again and again.

One passerby stopped and asked him, ‘Dear man, what are you doing?’

He replied, ‘I am looking for happiness, of course!’

InvocationI am but a man with a fragile ego, searching for any sort of comfort and temporary happiness I can wrest from the Earth.  I turn away from this outward search, and look inward to where You reside in me, Holy Spirit.  I bring to You my thoughts and plans for my own happiness, my desires for things and the myriad distractions I would pursue.  There is no happiness to be found outside in the world.  There IS nothing outside of mind.  There is no world!  If I would look for happiness outside of my mind, splitting stones on this rock I call my home, I can only find loss and pain.  Holy Spirit, please lead me out of the temptation to believe I must search for happiness anywhere other than where our Holy Father placed it forever!  Please take my hand and lead me inward to the Light of God, to the angelic songs of Joy and Peace beckoning my return!   No longer do I delay or distract or divide my attention down endless roads filled with despair.  The one road I walk upon with You leads Home.  Lead me Home today!   Amen.

When I was a kid, our family had a long gravel lane, which led from the country road to our house.  My brother and I were always out there, picking through the gravel and finding stones we liked.  Sometimes we’d come across round stones that we could crack open and find little geodes inside.  We were always happy to find one that was shiny and sparkly on the inside.  It was a great way to pass the time.  Yet, in all of those adventures, I didn’t keep one of my little “treasures”.  They were tossed aside long ago.  I guess I didn’t treasure them that much.

If I stop long enough to think about it, those afternoons in the sun, moving down that long lane ahead of us, turning over rocks and searching for little treasures that glittered in the sun, well, they were a whole lot like this thing we call life.  When we’re young, we have our whole lives ahead of us, filled with places to explore and new things to uncover.  We find things that captivate our attention for awhile, then they are left on the path behind us.  Some things stay with us for longer, but they, too, will eventually be left on the path.  There may be things that shimmer and glitter and shine in the sunlight, and we may think them valuable and important, but in the end, they, too, will be left on the path as we move on.  Like the parable of the stone splitter, our endeavors on this planet are towards the discovery of meaning and purpose, yet the places we look will always disappoint, and can never hold our complete devotion.

We seek for happiness in a variety of strange places!  We think we can amass trinkets and shiny coins and somehow pull them into our souls to make us happy.  We think we can manipulate our bodies for a little bit of pleasure that disappears once again behind pain.  We try to put things inside of us to calm our nerves, numb our senses, give us another sense of reality.  We cling to places, things, situations and people because we believe our happiness depends on them.  We scrape the littlest crumb of happiness off the crust of the earth for our daily bread, then lament that it didn’t fill us completely.  For tomorrow we will be hungry, the things we depend upon will fall apart or be taken from our grip, and we’re reminded how painful is this experience in the world.  Happiness is something we strive for, but the constant is its opposite.  There is a hole we must fill.  And we want to hide our discomfort, we want to ignore it, cover it up with something else, any shimmer of comfort we can find.

So we split stones, discouraged that happiness isn’t to be found where we seek.

I’ve seen the Face of happiness, but it can’t be seen with the body’s eyes.  The body’s eyes look upon what God did not create and was made as a place to keep Him out.  The world is an illusion we’ve replaced for reality.  It is an exercise in looking outside the mind for what is within.  As such, the things we find within the world will always be apparitions.  They will not last, nor will they offer the eternal comfort our souls seek.  And we seek Comfort because it is the Truth about ourselves that we must awaken to.  As we shake off the dream of separation and unite our mind and will with God, we make the choice for true happiness.  Although God cannot enter our dream because it does not exist, He still exists in our mind.   He can never be lost.  And God, being Love, is also perfect happiness.  He is the only Treasure worth seeking, but there is no path to Him.  He will be found the instant we look for Him truly, in the place He is forever, not in the fleeting hallucination of life we call the world.

Today, let us give up our futile attempts at splitting stones and hoping to find happiness in the world.  As long as we continue to look where happiness is not, we will not find it.  So, let us turn inwards today, and ask the Holy Spirit to give our minds comfort.  Let Him rearrange your mind and perception so that you can see your own Happiness clearly.  This is the Treasure you’ve been seeking for!  At your invitation, He has come to offer It to you!  Will you accept it today?  Will you accept God’s Will for your perfect happiness?  Will Heaven finally welcome you Home where all meaning lies?  Did you think It would be found anywhere else but where God put It within you?  Did you think He’d let it be lost while you deny His Gift and look elsewhere?  The Treasure is you, the Gift He gave was the creation of His Son.  And you are His Son!  God’s perfect happiness and joy create and sustain your life, they keep you whole and One with Him forever.

This is the holy instant of release.  Your Father’s peace is upon you now!

Fence of Flesh

Fence of Flesh:
Symbol of my own
Thoughts enmeshed,

To define
the intangible,
the Divine,

to my own wishes,

my One mind
with temptation to
keep Sight blind.

© 2015 Joseph Kilgus

The Holy Encounter

“When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself. Whenever two Sons of God meet, they are given another chance at salvation. Do not leave anyone without giving salvation to him and receiving it yourself”

– Jesus, A Course In Miracles, Text Chapter 8, Section 3

Invocation:  Dear Holy Spirit, You are with us because You were placed in our minds by God Himself.  In every moment, your infinite patience and wisdom shines forth from the centers of our being, waiting to be seen and accepted.  We understand that our bodies eyes do not behold the Truth you See, for that requires spiritual Sight, which we believe we have lost.  We have relied upon the body’s eyes alone and, therefore, have not found the meaning we seek.  Yet Your Vision You share with us, that we may not be lost in the darkness as sheep among the wolves.  Miracles are seen in the Light You bring!  And what You reveal is the Source of All meaning, that of our Unity, forever found in One Self, wholly in communion with our Father, Whose Self we share.  Though we meet our brother through the body’s eyes, we know him through His Light.  As we encounter each seemingly separate aspect of our Holy Self, it is our moment to accept salvation by offering it to him – through seeing him in the Light You bring.   Let us turn our attention now to Your Light, that we may see the Christ in our brother, and know our Self as One.  Amen!

Salvation For All In All

Salvation is meaningless if one single mind is left beyond Heaven’s gate.  There is only One Mind.   Yet we believe that mind is broken into billions of separate pieces, each with its own thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and experiences.  This is the belief for which salvation was given.  The separation of our will from God’s, our life from His, our being from His, our mind from His produced the world of illusions we know of as the physical universe.   It populates existence with itself, a reflection of brokenness.  Each separate part believes he encounters other separate parts.  Sometimes we war with one another, sometimes we are at peace.  Yet each will eventually wander and collapse into the dust alone.

In each separate piece, however, remains the entirety of the Kingdom, Itself unbroken by dreams and unchanged by illusions.  Our Self still resides within us, despite our looking outside of ourselves to the world and our distrust for our own minds within.  We are One Self, and we are forever united with our Creator.  The acceptance of Christ in us – God’s Holy Son – is acceptance of our Identity, our One Self.  It is this acceptance which brings salvation.  In this sense, no one comes to the Father, except through Christ.  Salvation comes from His Life for it is ours.

Salvation exists within each of us and it is for ALL of us.  Not one single person will be left out for all have been forgiven.  We are not persons, we are not dream characters, we are not defined or defiled by illusions.  Salvation is ours, because it is the Truth about our Self.  And it is ours now and forever because God Wills it and His Will is also ours!

Passing Ships

But will we know salvation?  When we walk by our brother on the street like ships passing quietly in the night, will we know them?  Will we be witness to the Christ in them?  Will we ask to be born again and accept salvation into our hearts – the center of our being?  It is each mind’s choice to be witness to Heaven or hell, to call forth the Kingdom from within his brother, or to demand that darkness descend instead and throw all into the depths of despair.  The effects of this choice will ripple outwards through the world we behold.  If we hold the Vision of the Holy Spirit in our mind, then peace and joy will be our experience and miracles will transform the minds of our brothers around us!  If we withhold this vision and rely upon what looks on separation instead, we will be at war with ourselves, pointing cannons at one another and intent on sending the other down into the dark abyss below. 

Dear Son of God, you are weary from war!  You want the peace, joy and love that salvation brings!  It will be found in every brother you meet, if it is your choice to find it there.  No ships pass by coincidence.  Some may have chartered specific courses and meet where their courses intersect.  Others will be lost and tossed upon the waves and pass another as if in answer to prayers.  Each encounter can be wholly beneficial to both if it be given over to the Holy Spirit.  He will provide the Vision of forgiveness to your mind, just be willing to see your brother another way.  When you share this Vision with him, you’ll find forgiveness for your self, too!  Salvation will return you to the Mind of God, where His Gifts await His Son.  He wants you to accept these Gifts, and for you to offer them to every one of your brothers and sisters, that they remember their Self and awaken to Heaven.

You, my brother, ARE your Father’s Kingdom, His Love, His Joy, His Infinity and His Perfection.  Turn within with Him and let Him show you how beautiful, how loved, and how loving You are.  All of God’s blessings are upon you, Holy Child of God!  Did you think He’d keep even one from you?

We are as God created us

While practicing A Course In Miracles, we are asked to devote one year to completing the Workbook for Students.  Each day, there is a new thought to help us reverse the ego’s belief system and redirect our minds towards the love and peace of God.  The lesson for the day is one of my favorites:  “I am as God created me.”  The Course explains that this one thought is enough to save the entire world if we only believed it.  It is what Jesus knew, and how he knew that he and his Father are One.  It is also how he became identified with the Christ, and how he brought forgiveness to all sinners because he recognized in them their inherent sinlessness and infinite worth as God’s children – part of himself in Christ!

As a Course student, I am constantly looking at my thoughts and actions with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and I see, time and time again, how much I do NOT believe that I am as God created me.  My entire life is exhausted trying to prove that I am not as God created me.  After all, I am what I make, not anyone or anything else … sound familiar?

Ahhh, the ego is ripe with arrogance and it really believes its puny presence can overturn the Will of God.  Today, let us be grateful that we are wrong, that the ego is mistaken and it is no friend to us.  Let us remember we are as God created us, then let us stop asserting who we are and accept God’s Will instead.

This morning, I meditated with the lesson for the day.  A stream of consciousness poem developed as I repeated the thought again and again in a sort of mantra.  That seemed to go really well with the Chakra Chant album playing softly through my headphones.   I scribbled the poem down in pieces while I meditated, then reworked it a little bit to share it with you here.  This poem is aptly called, “We Are As God Created Us”  😉


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



There is no world outside my mind,

I am as God created me.

Within the Light, I am not blind,

I am as God created me.

My mind is not fractured and torn,

I am as God created me.

I have no hopes left to be born,

I am as God created me.

Distant stars exist in my mind.

I am as God created me.

Beyond the boundaries of time.

I am as God created me.

No laws I have made can bind me,

I am as God created me.

The Holy Spirit pervades me,

I am as God created me.

Past and future do not exist,

I am as God created me.

Not one note of God’s Song is missed,

I am as God created me.

I have never been touched by sin,

I am as God created me.

All illusions are forgiven,

I am as God created me.

The phantom will never touch me,

I am as God created me.

Heaven’s blessings are upon me,

I am as God created me.

My spirit is forever free,

I am as God created me.

All of God’s Gifts belong to me,

I am as God created me.

Forever Love reigns in my Heart,

I am as God created me.

No need to end, no need to start,

I am as God created me.


Infinitely secure am I,

I am as God created me.

I cannot hurt, I cannot die,

I am as God created me.

My illusions are receding,

I am as God created me.

My mind is filled with God’s Being,

I am as God created me.

No harm can ever come to me,

I am as God created me.

Truth and Light are all I can see,

I am as God created me.

Love and Joy pour out through my thoughts,

I am as God created me.

Nightmares of sin were all for naught,

I am as God created me.

My soul reflects the Light of God,

I am as God created me.

A state of bliss, forever awed,

I am as God created me.

One Thought absorbs my attention,

I am as God created me.

My heart filled with admiration,

I am as God created me.

I see my Father without fear,

I am as God created me.

Into His Heart He draws me near,

I am as God created me.

And in His arms His Will is done,

We are as God created us.

All my brothers and I are One,

We are as God created us.

These are the truths of you and me:

We are as God created us.

We are Whole in our Unity!

We are as God created us.

Always loved and always loving,

We are as God created us.

Forever pure forever free,

We are as God created us.

In His Power we put our trust,

We are as God created us.

And to His Thoughts we readjust,

We are as God created us.

No more need for attack or war,

We are as God created us.

There’s nothing left to answer for!

We are as God created us.

Forgiveness opens Heaven’s gate:

We are as God created us.

Heaven is our Eternal fate.

We are as God created us!


You think you rest in a body,
yet you rest in God.
The body is your self image,
yet your Self is Christ.
The ego is a distortion
yet your peace is clear.
And your dreams are so distorted,
yet you are awake.
You are one with your Creator,
and you live in Love –
You are your Father’s happiness
yet you live in fear.
This is the Truth you have asked for,
yet you deny it.

© 2015 Joseph Kilgus

Perfected In Love

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.”

The Holy Bible, 1 John 4:18

The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing has no opposite.

Jesus, A Course In Miracles, Introduction

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Invocation:  [Note: The following prayer is taken from A Course In Miracles.  It is the Course’s version of the Lord’s Prayer.]  “Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You, in which there are no illusions, and where none can ever enter. Our holiness is Yours. What can there be in us that needs forgiveness when Yours is perfect? The sleep of forgetfulness is only the unwillingness to remember Your forgiveness and Your Love. Let us not wander into temptation, for the temptation of the Son of God is not Your Will. And let us receive only what You have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created and which You love.  Amen.” 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

God Knows Your Sinlessness

You have heard that it was said to men of old that the Lord our God hates sin and punishes and destroys sinners, but truly I say to you: our Heavenly Father knows nothing of sin and, therefore, nothing of punishment and attack, for all that surrounds Him is eternal Peace and infinite Love!

Dear brothers and sisters, our heavenly Father IS Love!  All that surrounds us and maintains us and upholds our spirit is Love!  There is nothing to fear!  Our Creator longs to share Himself with us, which is the reason YOU were created – not as the image you now think of yourself (ego), but as the Holy Christ, the Son of God.   This state of eternal, infinite communion and sharing is Heaven, where God and His Son reside forever!  You are at Peace forever – even now.  Beneath the insane images in the world, there is a hush – a gentle stillness of eternal Peace.  This is your Home!  All who have ears to hear, please listen!

There is no fear in Him and none which comes forth from Him to His Son.  Does love sometimes turn to attack and demand that we fear it?  Only in the ego’s twisted version of love.  God’s Perfect Love makes fear entirely impossible, for Its very Presence dissolves all fear.  Like a shadow before the light, it goes!  You who experience fear, you but quiver before shadow play!  You have forgotten that your toys and games of make-believe are not real, and instead you are haunted by the grotesque shadows that appear to dance, move about and loom menacingly over you.

O Child of God!  Do not cower before illusions, for the Power of Christ lights the way before you and makes all shadows recede into the nothingness they are!  The real part of you – the only part there is – can never be threatened.

The Ego’s Motto

The ideas expressed in the preceding paragraph mean very little to all separated ones in the world.  They may be wonderful thoughts, but not ones to seriously consider.  To the separated Sons of God, His eternal Peace and infinite Love is the dream, a lovely one, perhaps, one that would be wonderful in an ideal world, but not here.  Not in this place.  We’ve somehow messed things up here.

In this world, the Laws of Love are replaced by what the Course calls the laws of chaos.  Where the love of God engenders perfect security, the laws of chaos demand subservience to fear.  For behind each inhalation, there is an exhalation – as well as the possibility that another breath may not follow.  These “laws” also state that truth is perception and is different for everyone.   Ask a physicist what the truth is, then ask a religious person!  Now ask religious people of different faiths and denominations.  The truth is different.  Yet how can truth sometimes be true and sometimes not?  To be true, it is true always!  These laws of chaos declare that every one is a sinner and, therefore, everyone deserves attack and death.  This gives rise to the endless cycle of violence, an “eye for an eye”, where violence is never justified!  They proclaim that identity rests in what we can wrest from the world – who we can make ourselves out to be by fulfilling our “dreams”.  They promise that there IS a substitute for love and the world is the place where we seek that substitute.   Such are the decrees of fear and chaos!

Dear brothers and sisters, is this not how the ego looks at the world?  Is not “mother nature” a heartless force, which both destroys and creates, which is indifferent to our pleasures and pains and unresponsive to our pleas and prayers?  Isn’t life “ordered” by division, bordered by death and circumscribed by unanswered questions?  Don’t we have to compete to survive and succeed?  Aren’t those who wrong us deserving of our wrath and punishment?  Isn’t everything we work for and everyone we love taken from us into the clutches of death?

We believe we are under these strange laws, but they are not God’s.  God did not create them, but we have made them up.

In this world, the motto is “kill or be killed” – after all, it’s a matter of survival of the fittest.  Struggle and scarcity are inherent in this tragic version of life, and “having” is based upon what can be taken from the world – often against the will of and towards the destruction of others.  And yet, as our “hero” of the dream works hard to satiate its desires, nothing the ego amasses will it keep for itself, for all that it steals from the world will be ripped from its clutching hands when death comes to claim what is its due.

The ego convinces the Son of God that He is no longer what God created, but a solitary and vulnerable life framed on all sides by death.  It counsels, “What is due is our little life, which we cannot keep.”  This much is clear to all.  Not one gets out of the world alive.  From dust we are born and to dust we will return.   Thus, the ego hopes that by convincing the Son that he is a body, that it will succeed in killing God’s Son and destroying Heaven forever.   Such is the madness of life which the ego holds out for our belief.  And it is the madness we all accept as fact.  But would an all-loving Father create a place like this for His Son?

Why Sin, Guilt and Fear Appear to Exist

An indispensable part of the life we have grown to trust are the foundational experiences of sin, guilt and fear.  Because of Who we are, a part of us still remembers Reality.  It is this memory which leads all separated ones to feel, at their core, that something is wrong here and wrong with them.  It is the something beautiful we have lost, the garden of paradise from which we were expelled.  This “something wrong” is in our own minds only, but it is not recognized there.  Instead, it is projected outwards from the mind, into an “external” “reality”, which is believed to exist apart from and outside of the mind.  This “original sin” replicates itself in our experience; like an ever-moving fractal of deceit, it’s lies spread to every corner of our existence and every aspect of our understanding.  “We are sinners!”  we exclaim!  This is an assertion of a false reality and a prescription for continued pain, guilt and fear.

Because we realize something is wrong in our minds, we project it outside of ourselves.  Thus, we believe there is something wrong with the world instead.  There is something wrong with others not me.  There was something that others before us did, which was wrong, and so we, too, are wrong in our very nature.  We are lowly sinners, deserving of guilt and the wrath of God.

Do you see how the belief in sin calls for the belief in guilt?  They are two sides of the same belief, each a circular definition pointing to the other.  At the end of this insane argument is the equally insane conclusion: we deserve punishment and we will die by the hands of God.  This is where the unholy trinity completes itself and precludes all else.  Death is the punishment our egos believe will be meted out upon us when God’s wrath finds us in our hiding spot (our bodies).

What does the God of infinite Love know of sin and punishment?  These concepts are unknown to Him, being born of illusions and deceit.  God did not author illusions and, as such, they have no reality.  Not one private whisper, not one isolated atom, not one idle thought of loss has any reality in Him or anywhere else.  Would you believe it?  Would you divest yourself of your dreams this instant, and declare your own deliverance from sin and death?

The belief in sin is insanity for it is the idea that what God wills can be overturned and that what God created like Himself can be defiled.  Sin, like an hallucination, is not real and has no effect on Reality.  But do you believe in it, dear Son of God?  Be completely honest with yourself and do not hold this belief in hiding from Him Who has come to dispel it.

Salvation Does Not Overcome Sin, It Demonstrates Sinlessness

That sin has no effect on what God created was Jesus’ message 2,000 years ago and his continued message in A Course in Miracles. Yet, the ego has twisted His message, and much like the misguided addition of the Book of Revelations to the end of the Holy Bible, the ego seeks to change His Word to that of destruction, separation, anguish and damnation.  The ego’s word becomes the capstone rolled in front of Christ’s tomb.  But Jesus demonstrated that even the ego’s most precious belief in death has no effect on Christ and the world is saved – not through blood, pain or sacrifice – but by LOVE!  Do you have faith in His Message, Dear Son of God?  His resurrection and ascension is yours, just as God’s Love has kept you safe from your nightmares of your self and life.

Christ has overcome the world, so this is reason alone to be of good cheer!  He overcame it for you and me, inside of you AND inside of me.  Would you look within yourself today, this hour, and be witness to the Beauty and Love of Which you are eternally part and parcel?  Your inclusion is NECESSARY for the functioning of Heaven and the extension of God’s Love.  Do you now see how important You are, and why it is your life’s purpose to awaken to this Importance?  God’s Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Forgiveness looks upon “others” and sees that what appears to have happened in dreams has not really occurred in Heaven, in Truth, in Reality.  Forgiving another for their sins is to recognize there is no sin.  The ego’s idea of forgiveness is  to say, “LOOK what you did!  How awful and terrible and mean!  But I am the good one, I will extend a favor and get over your sin against me, even though you deserve it not!”

True forgiveness is to see your brother as your Self, and in him, the Light of Christ.  Your Identity lies in Him and there is no other way to the Father except through Him.  Forgiveness is God’s answer to the dreaming Son’s nightmares, declaring them forever unreal and reasserting the Truth of Christ.  This truth will come to all in time because time will end and eternity goes on forever.

Giving and Receiving Are One

Because we are all One and the original error in our mind remains singular, we must all learn to recognize that giving and receiving are one and the same.  “As we sow, so shall we reap” is another way of saying the same thing.  This is because there is no external world and no separate people living therein.  The illusion is one of separation and division, but Reality calls to us as One and proclaims that we are Whole forever.  Jesus came 2,000 years ago to demonstrate forgiveness, for it is by forgiveness that we understand that giving and having are the same.  Forgiveness looks upon the Face of Christ in your brother and recognizes it as your Self.  Thus by giving forgiveness to another, one recognizes it as one’s own, too.  How simple is salvation!

Yet this is not how the ego understands giving.  According to the ego, to give to another is to go without.  For example, if I give you $1,000, I am $1,000 poorer, not $1,000 richer!  Such are all gifts the ego values, because giving, in this sense, validates the ego’s existence and underscores its underlying premise: the Son is lacking.  True giving is the extension of spirit.

Jesus asks us to forgive – that is, to recognize that what we believe our brother did to us has not occurred in Truth – because the only way for us to realize that forgiveness IS OURS is to give it away.  This mirrors the Reality of True Giving by extension, not projection.  The ego projects, Spirit extends.  By allowing for our natural extension of Spirit, we accept the miracle of release for ourselves, returning our mind to that of unity, wholeness and Love.

Would you give complete forgiveness today, knowing that in releasing others, you release yourself?  Would you withhold forgiveness today, knowing that in withholding it from others, you withhold it from yourself?


All my words
keep wandering
in an endless


And you still
refuse to see,
you still claim that
you don’t know.

The door lies
right before you –
you hold the key
to Heaven


But you must
take the first step
to come into
your Father’s Home.

© 2015 Joseph Kilgus